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Urban Centre in Tampa Acquired for $123 million

Urban Centre, located in the Tampa, Florida submarket of Westshore, has been sold Tampa-based real estate firm Ally Capital for $123 million. Ally Capital acquired the property from Starwood Capital Group.

The sale includes the two office towers and attached parking garages but does not include the hotel that is between the two office buildings. Urban Centre is comprised of two 9-story Class A office buildings, each with its own full height atrium.

This unique design offers tenants a multitude of views including interior atrium and exterior courtyard settings and unobstructed views of the bay and Downtown Tampa.

The core of each building is located in the center of each floor. Four passenger elevators and one freight elevator in each building provide access to the office space.

Each full height atrium is beautifully landscaped with lush greenery and each of them features a unique fountain. The atriums are separated by Westshore Grand Hotel; however access between them is maintained through a common lobby which traverses a portion of the hotel.

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